Effective Things I Did to Lose Weight

DIET? Big word!
Tried to diet a lot of times but normally I fail due to lack of self control..
EXERCISE? Needs determination!
Dragging yourself to the gym is a pain in the ___.

Currently, I am struggling to lose weight but I want to share something I did in 2012 that really made me lose weight.
Maybe you already know the key points, but I just want to share what I did exactly to lose that extra fat.

In year 2012, I managed to lose 17kg in 3 months.
I had an inspiration back then and I was really motivated to lose weight.

I did the following to lose that 17kg:




I exercised everyday. EVERY DAY. 7x a week. Did cardio for an hour or so everyday.
I try to burn 250-600 calories depending on how long I stay in the gym.  Treadmill, Climber & Rower everyday.
For treadmill I actually didn’t run. It was brisk walking plus I used the incline function of the treadmill. I normally set it on high to make my workout more challenging.
Plug in some music or podcast to keep you entertained. Before you know it, an hour has passed.



Green apple


I ate moderately.
Cereals for breakfast, half cup rice and meat + vegetables for lunch and green apple for dinner.
First, before I don’t eat breakfast but in 2012 I tried to eat breakfast because they all say skipping breakfast is a no-no.
Second, as a Filipino, I can’t survive without rice. Haha. So I only eat half a cup.
Third but not the least, I thought green apple was not enough for dinner but surprisingly, I felt full afterwards. Plus, if you do this everyday you will be used to it. 🙂
Bonus: My skin improved and later on I discovered that apple is great for the skin.




I normally drink juices and iced lemon tea but not water. However, because I went to the gym everyday I managed to drink lots of water. Don’t know what exactly it did to me but I know it helped me somehow.




I know I might sound extreme but yah. Before I ate chips EVERYDAY. It was like my dessert because if you read my bio, you’ll know that I don’t like sweets or chocolates. So potato chips is my thing. After eating a meal I will open my bag of chips. While watching my fave show or Kdrama, I will finish up to 2 bags of Lays or Ruffles.
But when I started this diet I totally avoided chips. No chips in 3 months. Ha! Talk about discipline. Funny thing was, when my housemates eat chips I will just smell it and feel satisfied- weirdo!
I will eat nuts as substitute.

Okay. By now you might regret and ask why did you choose to read my blog. Haha. But seriously, the reason why my diet fails everytime is because of my cheat days.
Like I will say Sunday is my cheat day.. Then my cheat day became days. In the end I broke my momentum and failed my whole diet plan.
So, the reason I lost weight is because I was faithful during those 3 months.
Actually, the reason I gained weight afterwards was because of cheat days. Haha.

That time my inspiration was a crush. Childish as it may sound, my crush wanted to see me because he was heartbroken and he needed someone to talk to. But, the last time he saw me was like 20kg ago. So, I always delayed our meeting saying excuses but actually, I was rushing to lose weight to see him.
If you are curious what happened afterwards: Due to my delays, we were not able to meet and he found someone else. So now, he is engaged. Oops, I think this portion should be in another category.
Anyway, my point is, find an inspiration to push you to lose weight. Contrary to my example above, I suggest that your inspiration should be yourself. If you’re gonna do this because of someone else, chances are, you will fail once that “someone” leaves or disappoints you. Please remember that you are doing this because you love yourself. However, whatever is effective for you should be fine.

I know it might sound religious-y. But it is effective. When you are losing determination or discipline, pray to God and somehow it will help you overcome.


(Please remember that the above method was effective for me but I don’t guarantee that it will for you.
I am not a nutritionist nor a fitness trainer, s
o please consult a doctor or someone professional first.)

Okay, fast forward to 2016 and currently I am super fat.
By fat I mean way fatter than before.
If before I was 79kg, now I am 93kg.
I know.. I really lost control due to stress and my love for junk foods.

Now, I really want to lose weight.
So, whoever is reading this and wants to lose weight as well, let’s help each other.
We can go through this journey and hopefully we can share our before and after photos soon. 🙂
Please feel free to message me if you are interested.
Thank you.

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