Super Bowl 50 Experience!


As you may already know, I am from the Philippines + I am not into sports..
Our nation is more on a Basketball nation and honestly, I have never watched a football match in my entire life.
So actually, I never thought I will be interested in Super Bowl..

At first, I was just interested to go to the Super Bowl City.
Super Bowl 50 is a milestone here in US and I want to witness what happens.
So we decided to go to San Francisco and check out the Super Bowl City..

There were a lot of people.
Everyone was so excited to take photos and participate in the activities the area has to offer.
And yes, we queued for the big 50 sign photo op (but I will not post the pic coz I’m too fat-haha).

There were a few activities like playing some games and other photo ops but we didn’t have enough time to participate.
We wanted to buy souvenirs but then the shop was really packed so we just ate our lunch, took some more photos and went to the Painted Ladies (sorry if we didn’t stay that long in SBCity)..

Photo 7-2-16, 11 54 10 PM

But I still have a story to share:
While I was waiting for my turn (photo op), I was watching the presentation shown in the big screen.
Football clips, live feed, etc.
And then it captured me- I was really excited watching the players fight for that ball and getting that valuable touchdown!
I then said to myself, “I must watch the game on Sunday!”

Sunday came! The Big Match!
To feel the atmosphere, we bought some SB50 goodies and chips to snack on while watching..
Photo 8-2-16, 12 00 37 AM

Since I really do not know both teams, I chose Denver Broncos as my team just because I like color Orange..
I know that is too shallow but at least, my team won! 🙂
And then game started!

Photo 8-2-16, 12 01 05 AM

I didn’t understand the technicalities of the game and I didn’t expect that there will be a lot of stops here and there..
BUT! I enjoyed the game and I was excited every time there is a touchdown or when a player outruns other players..
I think it is good for starters, right?

SB50 Halftime Show. Coldplay, Beyonce & Bruno Mars. Excellent.
Plus the Believe in Love sign.


Cr: Coldplay Facebook

Overall, my Super Bowl 50 experience was fun and exciting!
Looking forward to more years of Super Bowl even if I am back in the Philippines-
all thanks to Internet & live streaming.. ❤

Photo 7-2-16, 11 59 54 PM

Bought the Lanyard from Hyatt Hotel..


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