Samsung “Fast Charge” Wireless Charging Stand

As I have said in my previous post (Samsung S7 Edge Led Wallet Cover), I also purchased Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand.. 🙂
Maximizing the 30% discount I received, I purchased the charger for $48.99 + $4.29 tax (Free Shipping)– Original price was $69.99 + tax.

Just to inform you guys, unlike Iphones which can be fully charged in 2 hours, Samsung smartphones take around 4 hours to charge.
So the “Fast Charge” term actually means 2 hours.
However, please keep in mind that Samsung smartphone’s battery can definitely last longer than Iphone’s battery.

Inside the Box:


Fast Charge Wireless Stand, Cable, Fast Charging Adapter & a Quick Start Guide

Actually it is really easy to use.

Once you put your phone on the stand, a circle will pop-up on ur screen indicating the current percentage of your battery.

Then, you will see a small blue light in the bottom of the stand to indicate that your phone is charging while green light means your phone is fully charged.

Good thing with the stand is that you can easily take your phone and there is no need to plug & unplug the phone too often.
However, your charging will always be interrupted unless you just leave your phone as it is for 2 hours.

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