Pokemon Go!

I haven’t post in a while so I decided to write something today..
The topic is about something that I am so into these few months- POKEMON GO!

The app was made available to Asian countries last August 6, 2016.
I am blessed because I was in Singapore at that time so I managed to collect a lot of pokemons!
I was meeting up with my friends everyday in different parts of Singapore soooo I really had fun collecting pokemons!
I managed to evolve my Magikarps to a Gyarados in just 8 days! Imagine that! I stayed in Lengkong Tiga and it is a great spawn location for Magikarps!
I stayed in Singapore for 2 weeks and I was able to unlock 87 pokemons in my pokedex.. J
Currently, I have 124 pokemons listed in my pokedex, level 27.
I just want to share some tips I know and what pokemons I collected in some places here in manila for the past 7 weeks.. J

Starter Tips:

  1. Pikachu as your starter pokemon- when the first 3 starter pokemons (Squirtle,Bulbasaur & Charmander) pops up, do not catch any of them. You need to walk away for a few steps for Pikachu to appear.
  2. Do not evolve any pokemon yet. Wait until you get a lucky egg then you evolve everything at the same time. You will get 2X XP when you use a lucky egg so one evolution will give you 1,000XP! This will definitely speed up your leveling up.
  3. Choose the highest CP and the best appraisal for your evolutions.
  4. Use your Orange Incubator for hatching 2km eggs and use your Blue Incubators for 5km & 10km eggs. Since the blue incubator is of limited usage (3 uses), using it for 5km & 10km eggs is more worth it.
  5. Walk a lot. Go to pokenests. Travel and collect more pokemons.. J


Will be posting more soon about the places I went to and the pokemons I caught.

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