Free Pandora Bracelet Promo

FB_IMG_1490319023901I first had my Pandora bracelet in 2013 when it was becoming a trend in Singapore.
After a year or so I stopped using it (I also don’t know why) haha!
Then, when I came back here in US last October 2016, I brought it with me.
I started wearing it again and I even brought it to a Pandora store for free cleaning (Trivia: Waiting time is around 45 minutes)
I was looking around and saw that they now have Pandora Rose and bangle style bracelets! 🙂

What a great timing it is, after a few days, I saw this sponsored ad in my Facebook:
20170323_233419 Yay for this promotion!
Free Pandora bracelet worth $65 with $125 purchase? Why not?!
So yesterday, around 11am, I went to the nearest Pandora Store..
Hmm, I advise you all to come early because there are a number of customers waiting.
I have to write my name there and wait..
I was customer number 19 and I needed to wait for an hour.. 😦

The free bracelet is worth $65 or less but I wanted the Pandora Rose bangle bracelet ($80) so I just have to top up $15.. 🙂
Good news is, the $15 is included in the $125 purchase you need to qualify for the free bracelet..
So I decided to buy 2 Pandora Rose Galaxy charms and I got the bracelet for free! 🙂

Okay, the promotion is only until March 26, 2017 (Sunday) so for those interested, what are you waiting for?


This is my other Pandora bracelet.. 🙂