S7 Edge & Note 8 Camera Comparison

I really loved my S7 Edge and its camera features when I first had it..
It has been almost 2 years now since I got my S7 Edge, but it gave up on me recently when the screen was damaged (there is a blinking white blank portion of the screen): 😭
20180105_230700I was blessed to receive a Samsung Note 8 gift from my cousin last Christmas!
So I wanted to show how great is Note 8’s camera.

What I like most about Note 8’s camera is the Live Focus function.. ❤️
You can focus on your subject and make the background blurry:20180105_233023

And you can use the Live Focus function for selfies too!

You can also use stickers using your Note 8 camera (you don’t need to use apps like Snapchat, Snow, etc). Photos are also clear/sharp when you use the zoom function.

Below are examples of photos taken with a S7 Edge camera & a Note 8 camera. I will add more photos next time, but for now, I will show 2 examples:

Photo of the Moon & Sky Nearing Sunset Using Zoom Function
Samsung S7 Edge (It is still a good photo but it is a bit grainy):
Note 8 (Photo is more smooth & colors are slightly better):
note 8

Christmas Light Balls at Night
Samsung S7 Edge (The light ball in front is blurry- even with numerous tries):
Note 8 (Photo is more stable):


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