Great Savings: Samsung Power Bundle (Wireless Charging Pad + Dual-Port Vehicle Charger)


Since I changed to Note 8, I wanted to buy another charger to use outside my home.
Although Note 8 comes with a connector so that you can still use your old micro USB cable, I still wanted to buy another set of USB-C cable because it is more convenient.

I went to Samsung’s website and there was a promotion for their Power Bundle charger which includes a wireless charging pad, a dual-port vehicle charger, a USB-C cable and a micro USB cable. The price is only $39.99 from the original price of $99.99. 😍 Samsung website does not sell this product but there were 2 online retailers (Walmart & Amazon) who do. I bought mine from Walmart and I received it today.. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.06.21 am

I was surprised to see 2 micro USB cables and an extra fast charger adapter. The website and the box did not indicate that there is an adapter and another micro USB cable. So it was really a pleasant surprise to see them in the box. The vehicle charger is also a fast charger:
People should avail of the discounted power bundle because it is really worth it! Last year, I bought a samsung charger (1 fast charger adapter & 1 micro USB cable) for $30.00. Now, you can get all for $39.99!

Original Price:
Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.05.11 am


S7 Edge & Note 8 Camera Comparison

I really loved my S7 Edge and its camera features when I first had it..
It has been almost 2 years now since I got my S7 Edge, but it gave up on me recently when the screen was damaged (there is a blinking white blank portion of the screen): 😭
20180105_230700I was blessed to receive a Samsung Note 8 gift from my cousin last Christmas!
So I wanted to show how great is Note 8’s camera.

What I like most about Note 8’s camera is the Live Focus function.. ❤️
You can focus on your subject and make the background blurry:20180105_233023

And you can use the Live Focus function for selfies too!

You can also use stickers using your Note 8 camera (you don’t need to use apps like Snapchat, Snow, etc). Photos are also clear/sharp when you use the zoom function.

Below are examples of photos taken with a S7 Edge camera & a Note 8 camera. I will add more photos next time, but for now, I will show 2 examples:

Photo of the Moon & Sky Nearing Sunset Using Zoom Function
Samsung S7 Edge (It is still a good photo but it is a bit grainy):
Note 8 (Photo is more smooth & colors are slightly better):
note 8

Christmas Light Balls at Night
Samsung S7 Edge (The light ball in front is blurry- even with numerous tries):
Note 8 (Photo is more stable):


Photobook America Review

Rate: ★★★★☆

Who likes to take photos?
Who loves to travel?
I do!!!!!
That’s why I started to become interested in photobooks, canvas prints, photo magnets and such..

I saw an advertisement (I cannot really remember if it was a Facebook or Instagram ad) and it led me to Photobook Worldwide.

I wanted to give a present to my cousin and her husband and since they are sooo much in love and they travel a lot, I decided to give them a photobook.
The photobook turned out great!

I have been ordering photobooks since and these are photos of one photobook that I ordered:

I also love their canvas air (see their photo below)!
Because canvas air is thin, you can just use blu-tack (reusable adhesive) to hang your canvas.
Size 8×8 is just nice to have a wall with your photos. Plus, during promotion, 1 8×8 canvas air only costs $4.99.
I hang 8×8 canvas air prints in my room:

Tips, Suggestions & Other Comments regarding Photobook Worldwide
1. Photobook Worlwide is available in the following countries:
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia,
You can purchase photobooks, canvas/metal/wood prints, photo prints, cards, business cards, calendars, photo magnets, photo cups/pillows/clocks, etc.
You can visit for more info.

2. Wait for the Sale! They always have sale and if you really don’t need the products urgently, wait for the sale. Sometimes it is up to 80% off! Be patient my friend, be patient. 😉 A 11″ x 8.5″ Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover (40 pages) normally costs $14.99 (excluding shipping cost).

3. I suggest you download the Photobook designer software because I saw some reviews stating that when they did the book online, it crashed and they lost all the work they did for hours.
-The designer is easy to use with lots of templates.
-You need a stable internet connection when you submit your order.
-You will save your work and you can easily edit or reorder your photobooks.

4. They ship separately so if you order 3 Photobooks in one time, they will still charge you 3 times for the shipping cost. 😦 I ordered magnets (2 sets), and they shipped it together. So I asked them, why did they charge me twice for the shipping fee? Their response was it was part of the deal that I agreed to when I purchased the voucher. Oh well..

5. I came from the Philippines but currently I am in US. For shipping payments, they can only accept cards from the country your shipping your order to. So I needed to buy a visa card here just for the shipping. So if you want to give your order as a present to your relatives abroad (as a surprise), it might be difficult because you need to use a credit card from that country. 😦

6. They ship their products with great packaging. Your product is well protected. There is no need to worry if your product will arrive damaged/ with dents.

7. They ship on time. Normally it will take 7 days, but for some products that does not need too much quality check like photobooks, you can expect your product to arrive before 7 days.

8. They love to give freebies like 8×8 softcover photobook or 100 photo prints. They give it to welcome new customers or when they want to promote something like their app.

9. Quality Comments:
Photobooks- The quality is great! The color is just right, the texture of the photobook is fine (you can also upgrade for better quality). The quality of the photos are great because they will inform you if your photo is low quality while you are creating your photobook.
Canvas Print/Air- Not really sure if it is the picture that I chose, but the color doesn’t seem too strong. However, the quality is still good. You can also upgrade the canvas prints to leather texture at an added cost.
Magnets- Poor quality. I bought it at a discounted price and the quality is really bad. The magnets are very thin and it feel flimsy.

But overall, I still use Photobook Worldwide.
For photobooks and canvas prints, I definitely use Photobook Worldwide.
Photobooks are great to keep track of your travels.
Their other products are also great gift ideas.
I haven’t tried their other products like calendars, mugs, clock, bags, pillow cases, etc., but I like to try them someday.


Welcome Back to Me!

It has been a very busy year for me..
Life-changing decisions and a lot more kept me from posting here. 😦

But! Since it is my holiday break, I plan to post more stuff about things.. 🙂
I hope I can help people through my blog (whether it is a gadget to check out, a korean drama to watch, or anything that readers can relate to and help them make a decision).

Anyway, I’ll keep this short, since it is December 22, 2017,
I want to greet everyone a Merry Christmas & A Prosperous New Year!20171215_194242

Free Pandora Bracelet Promo

FB_IMG_1490319023901I first had my Pandora bracelet in 2013 when it was becoming a trend in Singapore.
After a year or so I stopped using it (I also don’t know why) haha!
Then, when I came back here in US last October 2016, I brought it with me.
I started wearing it again and I even brought it to a Pandora store for free cleaning (Trivia: Waiting time is around 45 minutes)
I was looking around and saw that they now have Pandora Rose and bangle style bracelets! 🙂

What a great timing it is, after a few days, I saw this sponsored ad in my Facebook:
20170323_233419 Yay for this promotion!
Free Pandora bracelet worth $65 with $125 purchase? Why not?!
So yesterday, around 11am, I went to the nearest Pandora Store..
Hmm, I advise you all to come early because there are a number of customers waiting.
I have to write my name there and wait..
I was customer number 19 and I needed to wait for an hour.. 😦

The free bracelet is worth $65 or less but I wanted the Pandora Rose bangle bracelet ($80) so I just have to top up $15.. 🙂
Good news is, the $15 is included in the $125 purchase you need to qualify for the free bracelet..
So I decided to buy 2 Pandora Rose Galaxy charms and I got the bracelet for free! 🙂

Okay, the promotion is only until March 26, 2017 (Sunday) so for those interested, what are you waiting for?


This is my other Pandora bracelet.. 🙂

Ditto is Here!


On a normal day like today, I decided to catch a Pidgey (normally if Im lazy I wont catch Pidgeys and Rattatas).

Then the unexpected happened!
screenshot_20161202-114710.pngIt became a Ditto!!!!!!

Oh happy day!

*They said you can catch a Ditto by catching regular pokemons like Pidgeys, Rattatas, Zulbats, etc.. 😉