Sweet Dream by Kim Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon with Momo & Knowing Brothers Cast


Since family outing, I have been a fan of Kim Heechul.
I am very happy he has a lot of shows now because as we all know, Super Junior only has a few members active now.

I also like JYP groups like Got7, Twice, 2pm & Miss A..
I first watched Knowing Brothers (Ask Us Anything) because Twice was the guest in their 27th episode.
Since then, I’ve been watching Knowing Brothers because the concept is fun and the members are hilarious..
I don’t really know Min Kyung Hoon and Lee Sang Min before Knowing Brothers but I must admit they are really funny too!


Following Heechul and Twice, I also ship Heechul and Momo..
So when I heard Momo will cameo in the Music Video, I was really stoked!
My ship is sailing!

Okay, enough of the Intro..
I like the song itself and the music video is epic!

fb_img_1478315484065Music Video

I must admit, when I first watched the MV, I was not able to concentrate on the song..
The MV has a melo story but because the cast are comedians, I can’t help but laugh!
It’s amazing how they pulled of a dramatic story but I really can’t stop laughing!
Plus the plot twist at the end is hilarious!

pbnecgalhqdkSweet Dream
I like that the song is ballad and the voice of Heechul and Kyung Hoon really complemented each other..
The tune is soothing although it is a somehow a sad song. Lyrics was written by uri Kim Heechul! The song really deserved an All-Kill (photo above)!

English Lyrics of Sweet Dream:

The night I can embroider the time that passed
The time that was not short

Now we are even closer to each other

I want to remember it with a smile
Even you say there will be the end coming

Even we will break up some day

Even it disappears tomorrow

Not to forget,
To remember,

Not to forget even after a long time

To remember

I’ll look back today

I’ll hold it in my closed eyes

And I’ll fall asleep taking all into my dreams

Even the last wind blows
Telling me when the last day is

Even our old pictures become faded

I want to remember it with a smile
Even you say there will be the end coming

Even we will break up some day

Even it disappears tomorrow

Not to forget,
To remember,

Not to forget even after a long time

To remember

I’ll look back today

I’ll hold it in my closed eyes

And I’ll fall asleep taking all into my dreams

If there are the spring flowers, the summer butterflies, the fall leaves
And the winter moonlight

Our memories will also be there forever

The flower of destiny won’t fall
It blooms in my heart

Even the leaves of oblivion fall

I’ll look up the moon in the sky

And will remember back then

So you have yourself a good night


Makung of the Music Video Knwong Brothers Episode 51



MomoHee Clips


Pokemon Go @ Ortigas Area- Mainly F Ortigas Jr Rd (Emerald Avenue)

Very Common (Everyday):

Common (Few times a week to almost everyday):
Nidoran (Male & Female)


Rare (Caught once):

Pokemon Go!

I haven’t post in a while so I decided to write something today..
The topic is about something that I am so into these few months- POKEMON GO!

The app was made available to Asian countries last August 6, 2016.
I am blessed because I was in Singapore at that time so I managed to collect a lot of pokemons!
I was meeting up with my friends everyday in different parts of Singapore soooo I really had fun collecting pokemons!
I managed to evolve my Magikarps to a Gyarados in just 8 days! Imagine that! I stayed in Lengkong Tiga and it is a great spawn location for Magikarps!
I stayed in Singapore for 2 weeks and I was able to unlock 87 pokemons in my pokedex.. J
Currently, I have 124 pokemons listed in my pokedex, level 27.
I just want to share some tips I know and what pokemons I collected in some places here in manila for the past 7 weeks.. J

Starter Tips:

  1. Pikachu as your starter pokemon- when the first 3 starter pokemons (Squirtle,Bulbasaur & Charmander) pops up, do not catch any of them. You need to walk away for a few steps for Pikachu to appear.
  2. Do not evolve any pokemon yet. Wait until you get a lucky egg then you evolve everything at the same time. You will get 2X XP when you use a lucky egg so one evolution will give you 1,000XP! This will definitely speed up your leveling up.
  3. Choose the highest CP and the best appraisal for your evolutions.
  4. Use your Orange Incubator for hatching 2km eggs and use your Blue Incubators for 5km & 10km eggs. Since the blue incubator is of limited usage (3 uses), using it for 5km & 10km eggs is more worth it.
  5. Walk a lot. Go to pokenests. Travel and collect more pokemons.. J


Will be posting more soon about the places I went to and the pokemons I caught.

Lucky Romance Korean Drama


I keep on planning to write about Korean dramas since I really like watching Korean shows..
However, I really can’t find the time to do so..

Funny thing is, when it is about Ryu Jun Yeol, I am able to make time for him..

Okay, when I heard that Ryu Jun Yeol will be top billing Lucky Romance along with Hwang Jung Eum, I felt an inner fulfillment.
Sounds weird right?
I was just so happy that he managed to get another lead role after Reply 1988.
Really felt bad that he was not the husband of Dukseon.
I fell in love with his character as Jung Hwan and fell deeper in love with his personality in Youth Over Flowers Africa.
I am happy for him that his hardwork paid off and I hoped that his new drama will be a success as well.
Plus his partner in the drama is no other than Hwang Jung Eum!
Such a big catch for his second drama..
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 11.14.05 am

Lucky Romance has a funny plot.
Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) believes in superstitions and fortune tellers and she follows them blindly. She was told to spend a night with person who is a tiger (zodiac sign) for her sister to wake up from her coma state.
Je Soo Ho, on the other hand, is her boss in a game developer company. Coincidentally, Je Soo Ho is a tiger. You know what happens next. Shim Bo Nui tries to sleep with Je Soo Ho and their love story begins..

At first the drama is just okay.
I love how natural Jun Yeol’s acting is and for Hwang Jung Eum, her character is somehow similar to her character in She Was Pretty but she is still hilarious as ever.
It is funny but somehow, the “Kilig” (Heart-fluttering) factor is there but not quite.
BUT! The “Kilig” factor I was looking for unexpectedly hit me big time!
My love for this drama suddenly surged starting episode 9-10.
Watch this short clip to know why:

How cute is that? 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.30.34 am

Anyway, if you are wondering what Kdrama to watch next, I suggest you give Lucky Romance a try.
It is entertaining and you will certainly love the characters.