Welcome Back to Me!

It has been a very busy year for me..
Life-changing decisions and a lot more kept me from posting here. 😦

But! Since it is my holiday break, I plan to post more stuff about things.. 🙂
I hope I can help people through my blog (whether it is a gadget to check out, a korean drama to watch, or anything that readers can relate to and help them make a decision).

Anyway, I’ll keep this short, since it is December 22, 2017,
I want to greet everyone a Merry Christmas & A Prosperous New Year!20171215_194242

is there another chance to make things right?


Photo 7-2-16, 10 31 14 AMhave i done the right thing?

have i said the wrong things or
did i keep to myself the things i should have said?

have i stood up and fought for the important things or
did i just let things that really matter pass me by?

do i keep the memories that are worth remembering or
have i easily forgotten them all?

did i choose to hold on to something that i shouldn’t have and
let go of the things that i should have kept forever?

have i cared too much or
have i cared too little?

am i correct to avoid the things that will hurt me or
is it foolishness not to fight and get hurt?

will confusion disturb me for a long time or
will confusion make me balance things out?

was i ever a careful thinker or
was i always been an impulsive emotional?

is it too soon to stop or
is it too late to turn back?

should i move on and just learn from my mistakes or
should i try to go back and make things right?

will there ever be another time, another moment or another chance?
or is there only one chance and i can only be grateful or regretful?

*wrote this note in Facebook 6.5 years ago..
i wonder what was happening that time for me to write this..

Sometimes, Pain is Not Enough


Photo: Credits to the Owner

I tried to move on..
I tried to ignore how I feel..
I thought pain was what I needed to let go..
I was wrong..
I felt too much pain already..
But it seems like it’s never enough..
How much suffering do I need for my heart to learn the lessons?
Is there a way to control the heart?
Should I wait for it to be numb?
Can it ever be numb?
Everyday I feel a greater pain..
A wound that never heals..
A wound that grows deeper..
But still, I continue to love..
I want to escape from this misery..
When can I get through this?


*One of the few notes I wrote when I was hurting so much because of a past love..
This entry was written in 2009..
So please be assured that I have already moved on and I am no longer hurting..

Poll: Cheating & Second Chances

I wanted this blog to be interactive plus I also want to know how others think when it comes to relationships.
Sooooo, I added a poll about cheating and second chances.
If you have time, it would be generous of you if you will answer the poll.
Would love to know how others think about second chances when it comes to cheating.
Thank you and have a great day.