Happy Birthday to our Got7’s Jackson!

Saengil Chukha Hamnida uri Jackson!

I love Got7!
Love every member, their songs, choreo & their characters.. 🙂
When I first saw Jackson, I really didn’t like him coz he seemed arrogant.
But I was wrong!
Now, he is my bias since October of 2014.

He is such a joker and likes to talk a lot.
You will never get bored when you watch his shows.
I started to like him when I watched him in Roommate Season 2 then Hitmaker Season 1&2.
I even purchased his signed Got7 Identify album online.. 🙂

Jackson Wang, 22, is from Hong Kong.
A fencing athlete who went to Korea to pursue his dream to become a Kpop Singer.
He was even a gold medalist! That explains his nice bod.
He is a member of GOT7 male group from JYP Entertainment.
He & Mark (sometimes with JB) are in charge of the group’s stunts.
He is one of the rappers of the group but I also love his singing voice.
He likes to joke and I find it entertaining when he becomes too sensitive and acts hurt all the time.
He is also sweet with his members and he knows how to have fun.

I also loved it when he was paired with Youngji from KARA in Roommate.
He seems like a sweet and decent guy under his bad boy facade.

But what I love the most about him is how he values his family.
I cried buckets of tears during the Christmas episode when he saw his parents again.
I watched it when I was in Singapore away from my family which made it more meaningful.

Today, I saw his post in Instagram and I can’t help but smile knowing he is a loving and kind son.

His love for his family is so genuine that his mom posted a very touching message to him on his birthday.
I really teared up while reading the message.

Once again, Happy Birthday Jackson!
P.S. Somehow I wish to see him in a drama someday.. 🙂

Got7 just made their comeback last week.
I super love his deep voice in his rap!
You can watch their Title Track Fly MV below: