Samsung S7 Edge LED Wallet Cover

After using this case for a month or so, the LED lights are no longer working..
Sad. I really don’t know why and I haven’t even drop my phone- not even once..
Oh well, goodbye $50+!
Although I can still use the cover as protection but still…. 😦

Last week, my Samsung packaged arrived! Hooray!
Good news is, I received an email from Samsung when I received my phone.
They informed me that I have 30% discount for any mobile accessory $69.99 or less. 🙂
So I decided to purchase the fast wireless charger and the Led Wallet Cover.. 🙂

The Led Waller Cover is originally $69.99 + tax.
Thanks to the 30% discount, I only got mine for $48.99 + $4.29 tax (Free Shipping).

The led cover is really cool and has a number of functions:
1. Displays the Time
When you close the cover, the time will be displayed.

2. Accepts & Rejects Calls
Swipe to the right if you want to answer calls and swipe to the left if you want to reject calls.

3. Call & Message Notifications
You will see how many missed calls or unread text messages you have when you close the cover. Once you end a call, you will also see how many minutes your last call was.

4. Caller ID through Icons
Coolest feature for me! Although you can’t see the name of the person calling you while the cover is closed, you can assign an icon to your contacts so you will know who is calling.

5. Music & Volume Display
When you are listening to music, you will be seeing an equalizer-like bar graph.
When you are using headphones, you will see the bar graph & a headphone icon.
You will also see the volume bar once you hit the volume control.

6. Alarm & Timer
You will see the following icons when your alarm or timer goes off and you can swipe to the right to stop the alarm.

7. Charging Icon
When you plug in your phone to charge, a battery icon will appear and it will show how many percent your battery is charged.

Cool right?

For me, the only downside is that the top & bottom sides of the phone is not fully covered.
Unfortunately, the sides are easily scratched. 😦

Overall, this cover is really cool and innovative.
If you have a Samsung S7 or S7 Edge, I recommend that you purchase this case..

Problems I Encountered with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

UPDATE: April 13, 2016
The memory card trick worked. Now I am no longer experiencing the problems 3 & 4.
My phone is also not overheating that much and I am getting used to the edge screen.. 🙂
Hooray for that!

UPDATE: June 24, 2016
I decided to buy a Samsung Evo+ 64gb memory card because I needed more memory space. Now, I no longer experience problems with it except the slow loading of my 20,000+ photos haha- I guess it is understandable.


Okay, I played around with my new phone within the last 4 days and sadly, I encountered a number of problems.
It was actually quite a surprise because I didn’t encounter such problems with my last Samsung smartphone 2 years ago which was the Samsung Note 3.

Anyway, it’s true that you cannot get the best of both worlds.
However, don’t get me wrong, I still love my S7 edge with all its features!
I am trying to live with the cons and trying to figure out how to solve the problems.

So let me enumerate the issues I encountered with my new phone:

1. Overheating
This was the first thing I noticed with the phone. It heats up pretty quickly. What I did was to close all apps open and it will return back to normal.

2. Super Sensitive Screen
Okay, because it has a curved screen, I tend to click/press a lot of buttons, apps/ letters. I know I chose the edge so I just need to get use to it. I am getting there don’t worry.

3. Camera Failure
The first two issues are fine with me. However, this 3rd issue is really a problem to me.
First Camera Issue: It takes photos but you can’t open it after.
I passed through a nice bike yesterday and I took photo of it to send to my friends. When I was in the car (far away from the bicycle), I was frustrated because the photo is not readable. I am still wondering why because it was a photo taken by the phone itself. Ugh. Really sucks.

Second Camera Issue: “Unable to save photo to SD Card”.
The phone has an internal storage of 32gb. The system memory, apps & others however, will use up around 18gb of your internal storage. So I prefer to save photos & videos in my 64 MicroSD Card (comes free with the phone).
BUT I encountered this problem maybe 3 times already– Unable to save photo to SD card.
I really don’t know what’s the problem but it is really not acceptable.

4. MicroSD Card Issues
Somehow the second camera issue might be because of this. Suddenly, the phone seems to have problems reading the MicroSD card.

Transferring Apps to SD Card- A Big NO NO.
They said that some apps can be saved to the SD Card. So I tried it to free up some of the internal storage. I transferred Viber, Photoshop, WordPress to the SD Card. What happens next? I saw some error notifications and then I cannot open the apps. In the end, I needed to uninstall and redownload the 3 apps.

Gallery Errorsssssssss
Changing phones from Iphone to Iphone or Samsung to Samsung is a breeze because you have backed up most of your data and you just need to update your new phone and voila! Everything is already in your new phone.
However, my previous phone is an Iphone so I needed to save my 14,000+ photos to the SD card and slot it in my Samsung phone. It is still a no-brainer task but now, the SD card keeps on failing. It won’t read my photos!

For issues 3 & 4, what I did was to format my Kingston 64gb SD card using my phone (Settings > Storage > Portable Storage > Format). All my photos and music were erased and I needed to copy them all again in my formatted SD Card. At first it solved the problem, but I encountered the same issues again. So now, I formatted my Samsung 32gb SD card and I am using it now for the meantime. As of this moment, my SD card seems to be working fine. *Cross Fingers

Actually, I am still very happy with my new phone. I am hoping for a new system update which might be the answer to the problems I encountered.

Anyway, if you want a more technical approach on the issues you may visit Digital Trends.

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


psx_20160325_020711.jpgBACKSTORY (Feel free to scroll down if you’re not interested.. Haha..)
I am a gadget type of person..
Not really into clothes, shoes or bags..
Normally I spend my money on the gadgets that interest me.. 🙂

But this time, I am blessed that the newest Samsung gadget Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge came as an early birthday gift for me.. Hooray! 🙂

My cousin & her husband wanted to give me a new phone since I am here in US now.
I actually wanted an Iphone7 but then it will only be launches in September– I will be in Philippines by then..
Then, Samsung announced that they will launch S7 & S7 Edge!
What really got my attention are the following:
1. Waterproof!- I had an experience in Singapore where I dropped my 1 month old Iphone6 in the toilet bowl. I needed to spend another S$550 to get a new one from Apple. Hmph, talk about bad experiences.
2. Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality)- Amazing stuff and it is free when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge! I’ll talk about the VR a bit later but really it is a great freebie!
3. Low Light Camera- As a person who likes to take photos wherever and whenever, S7’s camera is the best phone camera in the market when it comes to low light scenes.

Soooo.. I waited quite a while to get my hands on my new phone just because there was some mishaps in our pre-order. It didn’t come with the VR! They said we will still have it but need to do some mailing and we need to wait for weeks! So we ordered online AGAIN and after waiting and waiting, managed to get it on March 23, 2016. 🙂

So my package came with the Phone, VR, a 64gb MicroSD and a portable charger from Costco. 🙂

IMG_3359 (2)

Galaxy S7 Edge Box


Gold Platinum S7 Edge for me!

It came with a charger cable, a fast charger adapter, headphones & a USB to MicroUSB adapter..


Some guides and the pin for the sim card & MicroSD slot..

Samsung Gear VR

IMG_3358 (1)

VR with 2 straps..

IMG_3369 (1)IMG_3366 (1)

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