Photobook America Review

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Who likes to take photos?
Who loves to travel?
I do!!!!!
That’s why I started to become interested in photobooks, canvas prints, photo magnets and such..

I saw an advertisement (I cannot really remember if it was a Facebook or Instagram ad) and it led me to Photobook Worldwide.

I wanted to give a present to my cousin and her husband and since they are sooo much in love and they travel a lot, I decided to give them a photobook.
The photobook turned out great!

I have been ordering photobooks since and these are photos of one photobook that I ordered:

I also love their canvas air (see their photo below)!
Because canvas air is thin, you can just use blu-tack (reusable adhesive) to hang your canvas.
Size 8×8 is just nice to have a wall with your photos. Plus, during promotion, 1 8×8 canvas air only costs $4.99.
I hang 8×8 canvas air prints in my room:

Tips, Suggestions & Other Comments regarding Photobook Worldwide
1. Photobook Worlwide is available in the following countries:
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia,
You can purchase photobooks, canvas/metal/wood prints, photo prints, cards, business cards, calendars, photo magnets, photo cups/pillows/clocks, etc.
You can visit for more info.

2. Wait for the Sale! They always have sale and if you really don’t need the products urgently, wait for the sale. Sometimes it is up to 80% off! Be patient my friend, be patient. 😉 A 11″ x 8.5″ Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover (40 pages) normally costs $14.99 (excluding shipping cost).

3. I suggest you download the Photobook designer software because I saw some reviews stating that when they did the book online, it crashed and they lost all the work they did for hours.
-The designer is easy to use with lots of templates.
-You need a stable internet connection when you submit your order.
-You will save your work and you can easily edit or reorder your photobooks.

4. They ship separately so if you order 3 Photobooks in one time, they will still charge you 3 times for the shipping cost. 😦 I ordered magnets (2 sets), and they shipped it together. So I asked them, why did they charge me twice for the shipping fee? Their response was it was part of the deal that I agreed to when I purchased the voucher. Oh well..

5. I came from the Philippines but currently I am in US. For shipping payments, they can only accept cards from the country your shipping your order to. So I needed to buy a visa card here just for the shipping. So if you want to give your order as a present to your relatives abroad (as a surprise), it might be difficult because you need to use a credit card from that country. 😦

6. They ship their products with great packaging. Your product is well protected. There is no need to worry if your product will arrive damaged/ with dents.

7. They ship on time. Normally it will take 7 days, but for some products that does not need too much quality check like photobooks, you can expect your product to arrive before 7 days.

8. They love to give freebies like 8×8 softcover photobook or 100 photo prints. They give it to welcome new customers or when they want to promote something like their app.

9. Quality Comments:
Photobooks- The quality is great! The color is just right, the texture of the photobook is fine (you can also upgrade for better quality). The quality of the photos are great because they will inform you if your photo is low quality while you are creating your photobook.
Canvas Print/Air- Not really sure if it is the picture that I chose, but the color doesn’t seem too strong. However, the quality is still good. You can also upgrade the canvas prints to leather texture at an added cost.
Magnets- Poor quality. I bought it at a discounted price and the quality is really bad. The magnets are very thin and it feel flimsy.

But overall, I still use Photobook Worldwide.
For photobooks and canvas prints, I definitely use Photobook Worldwide.
Photobooks are great to keep track of your travels.
Their other products are also great gift ideas.
I haven’t tried their other products like calendars, mugs, clock, bags, pillow cases, etc., but I like to try them someday.


Samsung Wide Selfie Camera Function

Screenshot_20160412-204150While I was playing around the camera functions of my phone (Samsung S7 Edge), I saw a Wide Selfie mode.

You just have to tilt your camera left & right to capture the sides.
I am really amazed at how innovative Samsung can be with their products.

Here is my sample of the Wide Selfie Mode:

Normal Selfie:

Wide Selfie:

See the difference?
Cool right? 🙂

is there another chance to make things right?


Photo 7-2-16, 10 31 14 AMhave i done the right thing?

have i said the wrong things or
did i keep to myself the things i should have said?

have i stood up and fought for the important things or
did i just let things that really matter pass me by?

do i keep the memories that are worth remembering or
have i easily forgotten them all?

did i choose to hold on to something that i shouldn’t have and
let go of the things that i should have kept forever?

have i cared too much or
have i cared too little?

am i correct to avoid the things that will hurt me or
is it foolishness not to fight and get hurt?

will confusion disturb me for a long time or
will confusion make me balance things out?

was i ever a careful thinker or
was i always been an impulsive emotional?

is it too soon to stop or
is it too late to turn back?

should i move on and just learn from my mistakes or
should i try to go back and make things right?

will there ever be another time, another moment or another chance?
or is there only one chance and i can only be grateful or regretful?

*wrote this note in Facebook 6.5 years ago..
i wonder what was happening that time for me to write this..

Geiger Lookout Wayside Park

Photo 9-2-16, 1 32 15 PM

P.S. Excuse me for the nonchalant face.. It was a stolen shot and I am afraid of heights.. Haha..

From Lake Tahoe, we decided to go to Virginia City and then go to Reno, Nevada..
Through our journey of zigzag roads, we decided to stop by this wonderful place called Geiger Lookout Wayside Park..
It is a great place to pause and take a moment to appreciate the overlooking view of Nevada.

Photo 10-2-16, 2 31 45 PM

So happy we went there at a perfect timing– when the skies are ready to display their beautiful colors.. ❤

Just a warning, you need to climb a (not so) steep stairway and it is a bit scary for a person like me who has fear of heights..
Plus it was covered with snow so imagine how I felt! Haha..


Photo 10-2-16, 8 11 52 PM

However, the view afterwards is magnificent!
Photo 10-2-16, 2 32 14 PM

So if ever you’ll pass by Geiger Road, don’t miss this wonderful place..

For people with fear of heights, to be honest it was only a few steps to reach the top so please don’t be afraid to visit this place.. 🙂

Photo 10-2-16, 2 32 41 PM

View in front..

Photo 10-2-16, 2 33 03 PM

View at the back..

The Geiger Grade [is] a twisting mountain road built in 1862 to haul silver from the Comstock Lode. The road gets its name from Davison M. Geiger, a local physician who financed its construction. Daredevils with four-wheel-drive vehicles still take the old grade. But most drivers should stick to the newer Geiger Grade (built in 1936), Highway 341. Cutting through the same scenic area, it begins in the valley south of Reno off Highway 395 and winds its way through a rocky landscape dotted with junipers. At the 4.6-mile point there’s a turnout with spectacular views of the Sierra and a plaque paying tribute to Dr. Geiger. Down toward the valley, you’ll see the old, snaking, unpaved route. The new road curls over the mountains and south into historic Virginia City. It was once a rough town, but these days it’s a pretty nice place to stay.– AAA Via MagazinePhoto 10-2-16, 2 31 12 PM