Improvised Minion Cake

Photo 3-2-16, 2 59 33 AM

Lotus Candles are the best!

3 months ago it was the birthday of another godchild of mine (yes, I have a few).
At first I was planning to bake cupcakes like the previous one (pink cupcakes) but a few days before her birthday, my friend told me that her daughter likes minions.

I didn’t have the materials plus I haven’t even tried making fondant cakes!
Panic mode on but one good thing is that there are ready-made minion cupcake toppers in stores.

My problem then was the main cake itself.
I am still a beginner and I didn’t have the luxury of time to try making a fondant cake.
I had no choice but to use buttercream icing for the minion cake and pray it will work.

The problem is- I don’t have brown, silver and black food colors.
So, I decided to use whatever I have on hand- homemade marshmallow fluff, chocolates & silver cutter.
What an experience, whew!

I know my minion cake was not perfect.
But I guess the most important thing is that my godchild was very happy when she saw her minion cake and cupcakes- Thank God she is only 2 years old. 😉

Photo 3-2-16, 2 59 23 AM

Finished product. Thank you to the minion toppers I bought and the lotus candle because they made the whole package acceptable.




The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cake.
Who will ever hate chocolate cakes?

For me, I am not into sweet stuff so I do not like cakes that are too sweet.
I am glad that I found a perfect recipe- thank you to BHM page in Facebook.
I saw a lot of members saying that Hershey’s Chocolate Cake recipe is the best..
So since I was new to baking, I tried their advice and it was a success!

The cake itself is perfect.
It is chocolate-y but not too sweet.
Ever since, I have been using this recipe for my chocolate cakes and cupcakes.
If you are new in baking, use Hershey’s recipe and you won’t go wrong- I promise!