Forgetting Someone You Love

Something I wrote in Twitter 4 years ago..

Sometimes, Pain is Not Enough


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I tried to move on..
I tried to ignore how I feel..
I thought pain was what I needed to let go..
I was wrong..
I felt too much pain already..
But it seems like it’s never enough..
How much suffering do I need for my heart to learn the lessons?
Is there a way to control the heart?
Should I wait for it to be numb?
Can it ever be numb?
Everyday I feel a greater pain..
A wound that never heals..
A wound that grows deeper..
But still, I continue to love..
I want to escape from this misery..
When can I get through this?


*One of the few notes I wrote when I was hurting so much because of a past love..
This entry was written in 2009..
So please be assured that I have already moved on and I am no longer hurting..

Stubborn Heart

IMG_6770Stubborn Heart..
Hurting but still loving the one that causes the pain..
Scarred and yet not afraid of bleeding once again..

How long will this last?
It hurts that I’m still here trapped in this game..
While you easily fell in love again..

How many years have past?
My broken heart remains the same..
Stubborn to change despite all the pain..

Stubborn Heart..
For once, I hope you will listen..
Because deep inside you know, you deserve someone better..

*Wrote this poem in year 2008.. 
The year when I was hurting so much because of a past love..
Today is 2016- I just want to be clear, I have already moved on..