They Say..

IMG_6771They say that time can heal the wounds..
But how long should it take?
Impatience is ruling over me..
I’m sick of crying because of the same pain again and again..

They say that distance can help forget..
But how far should I go?

Loneliness is overwhelming me..
I’m scared of remembering the same memories again and again..

They say that finding someone else can make us move on..
But who else should I meet?
I’m tired of realizing that he’s still the one I love again and again..

But then, they also say,
True love never dies..
Maybe, I guess, this one is true..
Because in my heart I know that the one I truly love has always been you..

*Wrote this poem in year 2007.. 
The year when I was hurting so much because of a past love..
Today is 2016- I just want to be clear, I have already moved on.. 🙂